Life is full of surprises. And sometimes, those surprises require us to make a quick transition.

You may suddenly find yourself with an illness or a physical limitation, or perhaps you need to become the caretaker for a loved one.

These pivots in life can often result in a lot of clutter….

📍There’s the stuff you were dealing with before the transition.🤦‍♀️

📍There’s the stuff you’ll bring into your home to deal with the current circumstances.🤷‍♀️

📍And there’s the stuff you might need in order to deal with this situation in the future.🤔

The past, the future, and the present can quickly start piling up inside your home, and it can feel very overwhelming.

If you are dealing with an unexpected transition, consider implementing Radical Simplification.

Radical Simplification is the concept of removing excess from every aspect of your life.

It sounds like a scary proposition, but it just might be the key to navigating this new and unexpected situation.

On this week’s It’s All Clutter podcast episode, I discuss the different aspects of Radical Simplification, including:

✅Why this technique can help you keep your sanity and help you make clear decisions during challenging times.

✅Strategies for applying this technique to everything from your physical clutter to your schedule to your meal planning.

✅How to focus on the positive aspects and benefits of making such quick changes to your life.

Whether you’re in the midst of an unexpected transition or you just want to be prepared for one, listen to this week’s episode to learn more about Radical Simplification.

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