Many people think that clearing clutter is just about organizing or getting rid of stuff.

The truth?

It’s never about the stuff.

You can do all the cleaning, purging, re-arranging, and donating you want.  And you’ll need to do some of that if you want to make space in your home, mind, and life.

But that doesn’t usually fix the issue.

Chances are, once you start tackling your clutter, you’ll start seeing a whole other set of problems bubble up to the surface.

These problems could be the root cause of your clutter, or they could be problems that become apparent because the clutter is no longer covering them up.

I’m an expert on clutter, but I’m not an expert on health and wellness, parenting, mindset, or interpersonal relationships. These are areas that people clearing their clutter often need help with, which is why I have expert coaches in a variety of disciplines as part of my coaching team.👭

On this week’s It’s All Clutter podcast, I’m joined by Meredith, Denise, Allison and Wendy. They are four of the fantastic coaches from my team, and they each bring a wide variety of expertise and experience to the community to support our members in different ways.

We have a great discussion on the approaches they use and the discoveries they’ve made, including:

✅ Their number 1 piece of advice around clearing clutter, even for someone just getting started.

✅ Strategies for letting friends and family know how they should and should not help you with your clutter

✅ The biggest impact coaching others around the issue of clutter has made on their own lives.

These amazing women help make sure you’re doing more than just making space, but creating life-long habits that will help you curate the perfect environment for yourself….. inside and out.

You can listen to this week’s episode here. 



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