Did you know that one out of six people will experience a depressive episode in their lifetime?

One out of six?

That’s a pretty big number when you think about it!

As a society, we tend to throw around the term depression without putting enough emphasis on how serious of an issue it is.

When you are depressed, you might feel sad, but really, there’s something much bigger going on. There’s usually a change in the way you are functioning.

You might lose interest in activities. Sleeping through the night may become a challenge. Or perhaps you’ve lost the ability to focus as well as you used to.

All of this can be connected to your ability to clear your clutter.

On this week’s It’s All Clutter podcast, my guest (and sister), psychotherapist Megan Zacher, offers some wonderful guidance on:

The importance of recognizing that clutter can be a symptom of other mental health issues, and what to do about it.

Action steps you can take to improve your mood and combat depression.

Breaking through the “chicken and egg” conundrum of depression and clutter.

There’s no need to be embarrassed about seeking help around combating depression, and this episode is loaded with ideas to help you get the support you need, no matter where you are on your decluttering journey.

Hop on over and listen to this week’s episode here.

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