It may come as no surprise, but I love my daughters sooooo much. I can’t even tell you the amount of joy they bring into my life on a daily basis💙

But to be honest with you, there’s one thing I can’t stand about being a mom…. and that’s the clutter that comes with it..😩

Believe it or not, I struggled with my own clutter when my kids were babies. Babies come with an onslaught of stuff- toys, clothes, furniture, bottles, diapers…. the list goes on and on!

As my children grew older, the type of stuff coming into my home changed, but the amount of stuff continued to grow.

All this clutter began impacting my mental health, so I knew I needed to take action.

I tried all of the traditional methods of home organization and decluttering, but they just didn’t work for me. Every system I put into place FAILED. I had no idea what was going on or why I couldn’t stay on top of my own stuff. I felt so overwhelmed.

And that’s how my business was born.

This week on the It’s All Clutter Podcast, I give a behind-the-scenes look into the evolution of my business and the valuable lessons I’ve learned along the way, including:

Why I made the shift from working with clients 1-to1 to teaching online workshops for thousands.

My discovery of how best to help people break down the barriers to clearing clutter, and why community is the key to success.

How investing in yourself is one of the most important and powerful choices you can make.

Just like clearing clutter (or parenting, for that matter), building an online business is a journey filled with many ups and downs, along with tons of opportunities to learn and grow.

You can watched this week’s episode here.

P.S. The next round of Clutter Bootcamp starts next week, and I’d love for you to join us. You can read all about it and grab your spot here.

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